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SPA Dynamometers The latest evolution of the SPA Portable Damper Dynamometers are the result of continuous development. Our primary objective at SPA has always been to meet the demands of the shock development engineers themselves. For 2006 we introduce the SV4000 and the new spring testing machine SPR06.

The SPA dynamometers are now being used by racing teams world-wide; Formula One, PPG Indy car, NASCAR, Touring car, Motorcycling and many others.

All machines are totally made to the highest standards ISO2004, and are subject to rigorous testing before release.

We offer a bespoke software service and can offer the software 5.14 and 6.0 in changed formats to customers own requirements. This is priced subject to information supplied by the customer.

The SPA shock absorber dynamometers range are designed to allow accurate performance measurements to be made for all types of hydraulic dampers:

  • Single Seater Racing Cars
  • Racing Saloons
  • Motor Cycles
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Mountain Bikes

Using the SPA shock dynos, the Race Engineer, Mechanic or Team Owner can now take the guess work out of vehicle set-up. They allow quick and accurate performance graphs to be made, so that shocks can be compared and matched, or tuned for diagnosing faulty or ageing shocks, providing graphical and numerical proof.

These dynamometers are the result of years of extensive development work in conjunction with experienced shock absorber development engineers. Each one listed below offers a unique element to each product, which enables you to choose the best dyno for your need:

  • BI 99 - Portable dynamometer, enabling monitoring and development to damper program.
  • BTP 99 - Bench top portable dynamometer, enables test facility at trackside and workshop.
  • BTP 2000 - Portable dyno placing particular emphasis on low speed control.
  • BTP 4000 - Offers same features as BTP 2000 but with a 4" stroke option.
  • PSD 2004 - Designed for both the experienced engineer and the first time buyer.
  • PMD - Designed for the shock absorber producer for intensive manufacturing testing.
  • Clubman 04 - Designed to bring a dyno with high end machine features to limited budgets.
  • SV4000 - Uses servo technology, runs at a variety of speeds and offers max 4" stroke.
  • SRP06 - Spring testing machine that covers most racing applications.

Our commitment to continued development and modular upgrades will ensure that SPA dynos will stay at the forefront of shock absorber analysis technology.

  • Workshop portable and factory set-up systems for all machines.
  • Windows 2000, XP Pro.
  • Already in use world-wide (all voltages/frequencies possible).
  • Wide range of shaft speeds, variable speed motor standard.
  • Heat treated working surfaces.
  • Heavy duty welding stainless steel frame and CNC anodised chassis (where applicable).
  • Shock proof cases for transport in all colours.
  • All cabling and internal wiring shielded and protected against accidental contact.
  • Computer controlled off keyboard and manual control on all machines.
  • All with 12 months guarantee, and full technical support.
  • Custom developed analysis software.
  • Colour display allows up to 8 graphics simultaneously.
  • 1000 samples per reading (up to 10kHZ sample rate).
  • Constant display of maximum velocity and frequency.
  • High quality load, position and velocity transducers.
  • Imperial or metric units.
  • Special colours available for panels.
  • Selection of graph types.
  • Users selectable scaling for all graphs.
  • Set-up information stored with each work file.
  • Temperature sensor standard.
  • Heavy duty castors.
  • Free demonstration of software on request.

If you like what you've read and viewed don't wait, contact SPA Dynamometers today and we'll help you find the right dynamometer for your need.